The National Survey of Driver Wages Hits The Road Like Never Before!


For 27 years, the National Transportation Institute has aggregated data from hundreds of trucking companies across the United States. Our National Survey of Driver Wages is the industry standard for compensation and benefits research, shedding light into wage trends and helping organizations benchmark their own offerings against their biggest competitors.

This year we’ve launched the industry’s longest-standing survey into a new online format giving our customers real-time access to their data with visual reporting and competitor comparisons, all in compliance with the latest antitrust laws.

Starting this month, the National Survey of Driver Wages is available online, in a digital, interactive format through the NTI Portal. We’re housing all current and historical surveys in one online location, and making it possible to compare your data against a few competitors (or all of them!) across 180 different attributes of driver wages.

With the NTI Portal, you can select your target market and the KPIs that you wish to examine, and get your results in seconds. You can even generate customized analytics and data visualizations and graphs that allow you to make critical decisions more quickly.

The National Survey of Driver Wages contains the same trusted information that companies have always relied on, but now in a new, easy to use, dynamic format.

Here’s what our clients are most excited about:

  • Knowledge Capital At Your Fingertips – Learn about pay trends across the categories of van, reefer, flatbed, and tank, and for both dedicated and private fleets
  • Review Pay Trend Data For Regional And OTR Drivers On Over 100 Attributes – All data is compliant with antitrust laws
  • Benchmark to the Competition – Compare pay trends on a regional or national level
  • Answers To Prevalence And Pay Questions In Real-Time – The NTI Portal provides the most current data available
  • NTInsights Visual Data – Generate charts and graphs with a single click that tell the story behind the data allowing you to make critical decisions easily in today’s market.
  • Data Security – Everything we collect is encrypted and requires multi-factor authentication for access

Operating a trucking organization is challenging enough these days, without having to create your own analytics or wade through mountains of data. Let The National Transportation Institute take some of the burden off, and help you make more informed decisions. Schedule your demo with our NTI Trainers today to see how the National Survey of Driver Wages can support your recruiting and retention efforts today!

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