What is We ❤ Truckers?

We ❤️ Truckers
is a grassroots movement

It’s meant to spur all of us to think differently about professional drivers’ everyday lives on the road, the challenges and setbacks they face with their lifestyle and their livelihoods, and to acknowledge the responsibility we all have in shaping an industry that shows drivers we have their backs.

How can we show truckers we love them, we support them, and that we truly appreciate and respect what they do for our society and for our country?

That’s what We ❤️ Truckers is all about.

As individuals working in this industry, as businesses employing and managing professional drivers, as departments within fleet organizations, as truck stops acting as homes away from home, as associations who represent all of the various blocs within our industry, as the motoring public — there’s a role we all can play to acknowledge the persistent issues that push truckers away from their jobs and the industry and to fight to fix them.

And it all starts with empathy and, well, love.

We ❤️ Truckers is the kindling to the fire of both — to show drivers we love, empathize, and care about their work and their lives, and to kickstart action around issues they care about.

How can you spread the love?

As someone within trucking...

I Heart Truckers - Frames

Show Your Support

Add an I ❤️ Truckers or We ❤️ Truckers frame to your social media accounts or downloading our Teams / Zoom background for your meetings.

Spread the Word

Contact us about using the We ❤️ Truckers / ❤️ Truckers logos in your company swag, such as hats, shirts, PopSockets, or other gear  — or even on your fleet’s equipment, to show drivers how much you celebrate them and appreciate their work.

Driver Wages Are A Top Factor In Retention

Consistently Advocate

Fight for your drivers and ensure they are being taken care of.  Call your drivers regularly and simply ask how they’re doing and how their family is doing. Celebrate your drivers and show them the ❤️ each and every day.

As a member of the motoring public...

If you’re a member of the motoring public and came across We ❤️ Truckers in the wild and wanted to check it out, here’s what you can to show your love:

Thank a Trucker

Simple as that. Next time you’re at a rest stop or a travel plaza on the highway, say thanks! Let truckers know their work is appreciated by anyone and everyone.  

Give them Space

When you’re driving, consider the physics of operating a big rig, and offer space for them to change lanes when necessary, and do your best to avoid cutting them off. Consider these tips from the U.S. DOT for operating safely and with courtesy around big rigs. 

Show them ❤️

Add a We ❤️ Truckers sticker to your car so that anywhere and everywhere you go, people know you admire and revere professional drivers. 


NTI's Outreach

How did We ❤️ Truckers get started?

Launched in late 2021, We ❤️ Truckers (also styled as We Love Truckers, I ❤️ Truckers, and I Love Truckers) sprouted during a conversation between NTI President Leah Shaver and Alabama Trucking Association President Mark Colson. The pair noticed many campaigns about industry awareness focused on trucks on the highway rather than the people behind the wheel. Thus, We ❤️ Truckers was born. Check out this post in the NTI blog for more on We Heart Truckers’ launch and founding.

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