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A winning recipe: 6 tips to bake gratitude into your fleet’s driver recruiting and retention programs

While we all gather with friends and family this week to celebrate all the things in life we have to be grateful for, here at NTI, we’re also obviously placing a particular focus on our appreciation and gratitude for professional truck drivers across the country and their dedication to delivering everything that makes the holidays so special — including and especially the meals we gather around this week at our Thanksgiving tables.  To that end, we’ve assembled this very quick punch list of ways your fleet can bake gratitude into your driver programs this week and year around to make that gratitude central to the culture at your fleet.

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Unlocking the road to driver happiness

In an discussion with NTI’s Leah Shaver on FreightWaves’ Taking the Hire Road show, Drive My Way’s Beth Potratz offered a sneak peak into the company’s Driver Happiness Survey and the takeaways your fleet can use in your driver recruiting and retention programs. Watch or listen to the episode here.

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Struggling with driver productivity and quit rates in a tough freight cycle? Here are 3 ways to communicate with drivers and raise the bar of expectations

Between recent pay raises, how the driver job has evolved over the past few years, and changes in expectations of both the workforce and employers, fleets are finding it hard to keep their people incentivized and productive absent continued aggressive pay raises, which just aren’t happening in today’s freight market. So, as a fleet leader, how do you get there? How do you resolve these challenges at your company?

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Thriving driver recruiting programs start with thriving communication: Kameel Gaines talks an evolving recruiting and retention landscape with NTI

NTI’s Leah Shaver talks with Kameel Gaines of driver recruiting service Rig On Wheels about how carriers should approach driver recruiting in the current market, the vital role that communication plays in all aspects of running a thriving business, and how the industry can recruit younger people and more women into trucking.

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‘Promoting the truck driver as a well-respected, well-compensated career’: TCA’s Jim Ward talks regulatory policies, improving the driver job, and much more with NTI

NTI’s Leah Shaver talked one on one with TCA President Jim Ward last week on the Taking the Hire Road Show on FreightWaves, where the two discussed what TCA carrier members are saying are their top issues and priorities currently, what regulatory and policy changes TCA is working on at the state and federal level, Ward’s outlook for trucking changes that will take place in the coming years, and how the industry can grow interest in trucking careers in younger generations. 

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Driver pay strategies for the current market — plus a glance at 2023’s driver compensation trends

What are the top 2023 driver pay trends that should be on your fleet’s radar? How can fleets navigate the current sluggish freight market from a personnel and compensation standpoint? What are driver seeing and experiencing with their paychecks this year? NTI’s Leah Shaver joined the Taking the Hire Road podcast last week, hosted by DriverReach’s Jeremy Reymer, to discuss those point sand more. See the full episode here.

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