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Notable pandemic-era driver pay trend reversed course this quarter

Driver wage gains saw a renewed momentum in 2023’s second quarter, showing a little life after gains were mostly flat in the last quarter of 2022 and the first quarter of 2023, according to the latest data from NTI’s National Survey of Driver Wages and National Driver Wage Index. Also, a notable trend from the pandemic recovery years of 2021 and 2022 reversed course this quarter. See our full 2023 Q2 driver wages data trends and highlights.

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What’s next for driver wages after a 5-year rollercoaster ride?

In our 2023 Driver Market Forecast, NTI explores in-depth the critical themes and trends impacting driver supply and availability and the factors influencing driver wages in 2023, as well as how driver pay structures could evolve in the coming decade. We also provided our forecast for wage growth in 2023, offering our expectations for where the recent rollercoaster ride goes next.  

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Women & The Wheel: A recap and resources your fleet can utilize

This Women’s History Month, the NTI blog has explored themes and policies that aim to answer one question: How can we make trucking a more attractive and secure career choice for women of all ages, of all backgrounds, and of all family situations? Find a recap of our Women & The Wheel series here and resources your fleets can use to evaluate your internal policies and programs.

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Women & The Wheel: Mentorship programs are foundational to making trucking a sought-after career

This week in our Women & The Wheel series, we’re focusing on mentorship programs as one of the most important avenues for the industry and for individual fleets to draw women to the industry and keep them here, and we’re highlighting the story of Rachel Lovell, VP of People Operations at the Jackson, Tennessee-based 700-truck truckload carrier Ascend. NTI recently spoke with Lovell about her experience in the industry, her insights about the power of mentorship for women, and the importance of awareness of opportunities in trucking available to women.

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Women & The Wheel: A conversation during Women’s History Month

Women & The Wheel will bring conversations to the NTI Blog about the real experiences of women in our industry, what they’ve learned and can teach from their years (or even decades) working in trucking, and how motor carriers and private fleets can continue to build on the momentum of establishing trucking as a secure, attractive, and rewarding career for women of all ages and backgrounds.

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Fighting fatigue of seniority-based load bidding: 3 ways to reward drivers working less-desirable shifts

In NTI’s work with private and dedicated fleets, that’s a common concern we hear: Seniority-based bid systems contribute to frustration of new hires and churn among early tenured truckers. Here are three ways your fleet can help soothe those frustrations, incentivize weekend shifts and other lesser desired loads, and manage hang-ups caused by seniority-based load bidding programs

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Is there ‘false advertising’ in your fleet’s driver recruiting process? Here’s how to ward off an unintentional turnover culprit

While almost always unintentional, errors in job ads can lead to immediate distrust with new driver hires if they receive inconsistent information during the job evaluation and hiring process or after they’ve been onboarded. Expectation gaps between what a driver thought the job would be and what it actually entails are a fast track for early turnover and churn of new driver hires. Here are five strategies to help avoid ‘false advertising’ in your driver marketing.

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Diversifying your driver lead funnel, letting drivers own profitability, and the enduring value of a CDL: Consider these 4 strategies in your fleet’s driver programs

In this month’s From Leah’s Desk, NTI President & CEO Leah Shaver shares insights on diversifying your driver recruiting funnel to excel in any market cycle, the enduring value of a driver’s CDL, empowering drivers on the profitability of their individual truck, and focusing on the habits you want your recruiting program to embody.

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