Career Advancement: It’s Not Just For Office Jobs


When you’re thinking about driver retention and recruitment, a challenge that may come to mind is competition from other roles. Warehousing, welding, and construction can pose challenges to finding and keeping drivers. Rising wages in truck-competitive fields can pose challenges to retaining truckers.

But it isn’t always drivers leaving for a different job. Taking other employees and moving them into trucking can be a growth opportunity.

This is something that NTI advises companies to keep in mind. There are opportunities at every level of every organization. Professional drivers can mentor, train, or obtain additional endorsements, to name a few options. Career paths do exist in trucking – a fact that may seem obvious to you or I, but that a prospective CDL may not be aware of.

Many companies in NTI’s National Private Fleet Survey employ truckers and warehouse workers, for example. And while some move from trucking to warehousing, others start out in a warehouse only to find that they want to be on the road. Good thing there are career paths for each position!

At NTI, we want to help you promote your company’s biggest benefits to drivers and new recruits. One of those benefits might be career progression. Do you offer a career path for your drivers that could blow your competitors out of the water? Then check it against our National Private Fleet Survey and promote, promote, promote!