Amazon Is Hiring 75,000 New Logistics Positions


In what is likely a sign of things to come, Amazon announced in May that it will hire 75,000 new fulfillment and delivery positions across North America. According to Amazon, compensation for these roles starts around $17 per hour with a $1000 signing bonus. The hiring package includes a slew of benefits and access to ‘upskilling’ (that’s corporate-speak for training and career advancement).

Amazon’s announcement reflects the explosive growth that we’ve seen across our industry as of late. This article from confirms that logistics is seeing some of it’s strongest growth through 2021. Companies in distribution, warehousing, or transportation can’t hire fast enough.

But we could have told you that. We’ve been watching the driver market tighten since the severe market distortions and rapid e-commerce acceleration of 2020 pushed fulfillment demand to new heights. Now, as Amazon’s announcement makes clear, hiring is only going to get more competitive. Not only is there a growing need for drivers, but there’s more competition than ever from other distribution and fulfillment positions.

In short, e-commerce is gripping the logistics field like a boa constrictor. And they said you were in a boring field.

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