New Legislation Promotes Women In Trucking


If the lack of women in trucking is getting you down, then we have some good news for you. The Promoting Women in Trucking Workforce Act was reintroduced in February, and it’s dedicated to addressing factors that keep women from getting behind the wheel. Here’s to (hopefully) seeing more ladies enter the field.

The bill directs the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association to establish an advisory board, whose role is to educate, train, and mentor women in trucking, and look for ways to recruit more women to the industry.

Research done as a part of the Promoting Women in Trucking Act found that women make up 47% of the overall workforce, but only 12.5% of the trucking industry, and fewer than 8% of truck drivers. With a driver shortage plaguing carriers, trucking firms hope that this bill brings more truckers into the fold.

If you’re looking to promote the accomplishments of women, or attract new female faces in your organization, we can help. NTI President & CEO Leah Shaver has served on the Women in Trucking Association’s Board of Directors for six years, and currently chairs the Membership Committee. Reach out to us for more information on how to empower women at your company.