Five unique benefits to consider offering your professional drivers and diesel technicians, and what the data says about their prevalence

Offering a robust benefits package is a crucial element in attracting and retaining professional drivers and diesel technicians, especially in today’s tight labor market and with opportunities prevalent both inside and outside of trucking for the driver pool. Knowing how your benefits compare to your fleet peers, as well as how cost competitive your benefits package for both drivers and the company, is imperative. NTI’s National Fleet Benefit Survey is a vital tool for any motor carrier, private fleet, and dedicated 3PL to benchmark your benefits package so you can work toward building a benefits program that supports your recruiting and retention goals and ensures your fleet remains cost competitive. 

In addition to standard benefits like health insurance and retirement plans, providing unique fringe benefits like flexible spending accounts, paid parental leave, pet insurance, and wellness programs can help distinguish your fleet from others and make for great additions to your recruiting and retention programs. Why? Because they show drivers you value and care about their experience at your company and that you’re willing to invest in their health and wellbeing while they’re with you.

NTI’s National Fleet Benefit Survey, available now to subscribers in the NTI Subscriber Portal, analyzes both traditional benefits like retirement plans and health insurance, as well as a few unique offerings to provide valuable insights for fleets seeking a competitive edge for their benefits program. 

We’ve highlighted below five unique benefits explored in NTI’s National Fleet Benefit Survey for consideration for your fleet. Interested in accessing the full National Fleet Benefit Survey? Contact our team today to learn more

Flexible spending accounts

Flexible spending accounts for healthcare and dependent care expenses rank as the most prevalent unique benefits offered by trucking companies. According to the National Fleet Benefit Survey, healthcare FSAs are offered by 74% of fleets, while 73% provide dependent care FSAs. FSAs can be a valuable resource for employees, allowing them to set aside pre-tax money for certain out-of-pocket medical and dependent care expenses. Like with all of these benefits, be sure to include robust educational and internal marketing resources to drivers about their FSA accounts, how to use them properly, their value to employees, and the timeframes by which they must use them. 



Health and wellness programs

The National Fleet Benefit Survey revealed nearly 62% of fleets have introduced health and wellness programs for their employees. As we’ve explored in-depth previously on the NTI Blog, prioritizing employee well-being across all fleet departments is a crucial component of any retention strategy.


Paid parental leave 

Offering paid maternity and paternity leave beyond short-term disability, FMLA, and PTO can be an amazing show of support for your people and work as both a recruiting and retention tool. Trucking has the chance to be a leader among industries in offering extended, paid leave to parents of new children (or when other family needs arise), for both men and women. Drivers and their families feel the absence of paid family leave programs, and it often stings for them to be away during the most important moments for themselves and their families. That’s especially pronounced for younger drivers. The average age of the professional driver in our industry hasn’t budged from 54 years old, and this is one of the barriers that keep younger people and women from joining our industry. Consider working with your fleet’s leadership and HR teams to evaluate how to enhance this benefit at your fleet. It’s a fantastic benefit that doesn’t come at a large expense to companies. According to the National Fleet Benefit Survey, 31% of fleets provide this benefit currently. 


Pet insurance 

Among fleets surveyed for the National Fleet Benefit Survey, 22% reported providing paid pet insurance policies. This perk could be a significant draw for drivers seeking pet-friendly companies, potentially influencing their decision to join a particular fleet. Also, for women, having pets with them in cab helps provide security and safety. Aiding drivers with potential pet-related expenses is an affordable way to provide a fantastic and appreciated benefit. 


National Fleet Benefit Survey now available in the NTI Subscriber Portal

Looking to build a benefits program drivers and technicians actually want? Don’t miss out on NTI’s National Fleet Benefit Survey, which is now available in the NTI Subscriber Portal.

The National Fleet Benefit Survey guides your fleet to calibrate a benefits program that supports your recruiting and retention goals and ensures you remain cost competitive with peers. Have at your fingertips data and tools best-in-class fleets need to build one of the most important aspects of their compensation plans: Major benefits like health insurance and retirement programs, as well as vacation time, paid holiday benefits, life insurance plans, and unique benefits options.

The National Fleet Benefit Survey is being offered at a discounted rate to subscribers of the National Survey of Driver Wages. Contact our team today to learn more about how to access this invaluable resource.

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