Webinar: Owning the driver pay conversation in turbulent market cycles

How can your fleet balance driver recruiting and retention needs while still focusing on bottom-line results in a softer freight market? NTI’s Leah Shaver detailed the six top driver pay strategies fleets can leverage in the current freight cycle to focus on drivers while also helping boost your fleet’s profitability in a free DriverReach webinar last […]

Truck driver pay concerns grow amid freight slowdown

“Many complaints related to pay can be resolved quickly and easily if drivers feel they can voice concerns and they know who to voice concerns to,” said NTI’s Leah Shaver. “If they don’t feel they can voice concerns and they don’t know who to communicate to, such as a terminal manager or driver manager who can […]

What’s shaping driver recruiting in 2023?

NTI’s Leah Shaver chatted with CRST Chief People Officer Jenny Abernathy on the Taking the Hire Road podcast about the trends and themes that Abernathy is looking at for the year ahead and how the whiplash effects of the past few years are guiding the fleet’s recruiting and HR strategies in the coming months. That includes pivoting from the […]

5 truck driver pay trends to know for 2023

What are the driver pay trends that should be on every fleet’s radar? NTI teamed up with Drive My Way to share five key structural changes ongoing in driver compensation plans, based on in-depth analysis of NTI’s survey data and in ongoing conversations with motor carriers and private fleets across the industry.

Fleets must ditch the ‘earn your stripes’ mentality for newer drivers

When it comes to both pay momentum and career development, newer entrant drivers expect rapid and frequent growth, writes NTI’s Leah Shaver in FleetOwner. Carriers and private fleets alike must be proactive in offering a pay progression model that fits these demands. Read her full column here.

Steering recruiting amid an exhausted labor market

“Companies are basically fighting for a half a worker” for every available job. That’s according to Julia Pollak, chief economist at ZipRecruiter. She recently joined NTI’s Leah Shaver on the Taking the Hire Road webcast for a chat about what’s happening in the labor market, particularly with the supply of available drivers, and how companies […]

Life by the Mile: Love the people behind the wheel

NTI’s Leah Shaver recently joined the gang on the Life by the Mile podcast to talk all things driver recruiting, driver wages, and the importance of supporting drivers every day, every week, and every mile.

A glimpse at the driving job of tomorrow with J.B. Hunt

“Drivers want the same things everyone else wants. They want to be home with their family, earn a fair wage for the work they do, and be respected.” J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc.’s Chief Sustainability Officer Craig Harper joins NTI’s Leah Shaver on Taking the Hire Road to share his insights into how J.B. Hunt’s reinvention of professional […]

How fleets can navigate California’s A.B. 5 independent contractor law

NTI’s Leah Shaver and attorney Doug Grawe of The Grawe Group simplify the noise around navigating this new legal landscape for motor carriers and owner-operators on Taking the Hire Road. On the docket: Best practices for fleets to manage independent contractor relationships across all fleet departments, from recruiting and HR to operations and accounting, as well as an update […]

Changing driver profile requires evolved retention strategies

“Driver turnover doesn’t have to be something that continues to be part of the culture in the trucking industry.” NTI’s Leah Shaver spoke with Transport Dive last month about how the driver job is changing — from routing and scheduling needs of shippers to the diversity and desires of the modern workforce — and strategies […]