Driver pay highlights in early 2024: Per-mile incentives swell while base pay gains remain moderate

Current data from NTI’s National Survey of Driver Wages reveals fleets have been active in adjusting incentives paid to professional drivers that promote cost savings while also giving drivers the opportunity to boost their paychecks absent the aggressive base pay increases seen from late 2020 through the middle of 2022. While base pay gains have moderated and stabilized, current data published this month in NTI’s National Survey of Driver Wages shows year-over-year changes do persist for drivers’ base hourly and mileage pay.

Looking for new approaches to driver pay in 2024? Consider these 4 driver pay resolutions this new year

Looking for new strategies or new approaches to your driver compensation programs this year? With a challenging freight environment persisting amid a still-strong labor market, fleets often are walking a tightrope the past 18 months, trying to balance the need to attract and retain their most valuable asset — professional drivers — with the need to maintain profitability while waiting for the freight market to rebound. With that backdrop in mind, NTI’s team of experts has assembled this list of four driver pay resolutions for your fleet to consider this new year and beyond.

5 ways to sprinkle in some extra holiday cheer for your fleet’s drivers

To help remedy any discontentment arising from these situations and to help add some cheer to your drivers’ time on the road this holiday season, NTI has put together this punch-list of five ways every fleet can elevate drivers’ experience this season and make them feel supported in their work and at home.

A winning recipe: 6 tips to bake gratitude into your fleet’s driver recruiting and retention programs

While we all gather with friends and family this week to celebrate all the things in life we have to be grateful for, here at NTI, we’re also obviously placing a particular focus on our appreciation and gratitude for professional truck drivers across the country and their dedication to delivering everything that makes the holidays so special — including and especially the meals we gather around this week at our Thanksgiving tables.  To that end, we’ve assembled this very quick punch list of ways your fleet can bake gratitude into your driver programs this week and year around to make that gratitude central to the culture at your fleet.