Harnessing the power of data in your fleet’s recruiting department

In today’s driver recruiting landscape, the vast amount of data available to fleets can be overwhelming. How can your fleet utilize these data streams in your driver recruiting and retention programs? In this episode of FreightWaves’ Taking the Hire Road show, Nathan Widener, Chief Data Officer at Career Now Brands, joins NTI President and CEO Leah Shaver to answer these critical questions. 

Find the sweet spot to support your IC drivers so they don’t just survive, they thrive

Independent contractors with the right support and services at their fingertips don’t fear the current market. They’re not rolling in the dough, but they’re also not shaking in their boots and fretting about losing their trucks, their business, and their livelihoods. Here are a few ways your fleet can propel your ICs to thrive while maintaining a proper legal relationship.