Three highlights from 2022’s fourth quarter driver wages data

Despite slowing growth after a strong run-up in back half of 2020 and into the first half of 2022, professional driver wages in the fourth quarter of 2022 continued to climb from the prior quarter and year over year, according to data compiled by The National Transportation Institute. Gains in base wages — mileage and […]

Fleets responding to newer drivers’ expectations for wage growth momentum

The “earn your stripes” mentality is quickly becoming an ideal of the past. While per-mile and hourly pay for drivers of all experience levels has shown strong and steady growth over the past two years, the momentum of wage growth among drivers at the lower end of the experience scale has been the most pronounced.

The importance of trucking, community, and giving shine through even the toughest storms 

Ian has been a reminder that there’s always something we can do to help each other and our communities, whether that’s giving resources or time in the wake of a disaster or in other ways throughout the year. And it’s a reminder of the critical role trucking plays not only in our daily lives, but helping us rebuild towns and communities in the wake of disasters.

Drivers’ on-road amenities: Would you use them?

Second to drivers’ experiences at shipper and receiver facilities, auditing your drivers’ experience within your preferred truck stop networks should be a key pillar in promoting advocacy and appreciation for your professional drivers — and helping boost retention efforts industrywide.